Top 10 Writing Songs of 2017

Hello, friends! It has been a while since my last post…


Truth be told, I had the option of setting aside blog posts for a time to focus on finishing RUNNER or keep doing what I was doing, pushing completion further out. Ultimately, we all know what I chose.

As I’m still happily at work on the query process for that novel and the preceding CONDUIT, I won’t be posting as often as I once did. Spotify saw fit to inspire me, however, so today I’ve put together something entertaining.


1: Lotus Land – Philter

I’ve already written about how this is my favorite writing song of all time. I’ve listened to it hundreds of times, and plan to hundreds more. Just listen to it. Seriously. Please.


2. Monolith – pg.lost

Gritty. Brooding. Intense.

This track, well described by any (or all) of those adjectives, got nearly all of its plays when I was in the midst of writing tense scenes. Arguments? Rising passion (fighting, not loving)? Violence? “Monolith” is one of my oldest tracks for that.

3. Watchtower – Michael McCann

Oh, “Watchtower.”  By the time I finish each book, there’s a song that aligns with it in my mind. Generally, it’s the song I’ve listened to the most while writing it. CONDUIT was “Lotus Land,” for example. RUNNER is this track. The grim intensity bleeds into soaring melody, lifting the bleak into the optimistic. More than any other track, “Watchtower” captures the spirit of my newest novel. I could not be happier.

4. Song for Bob – Nick Cave, Andrew Ellis

Here’s another one I’ve already written loads about, so I won’t write loads more. For poignant, sad, quiet instances, this track stands out. It tells its own story as you listen…

And no, I haven’t seen the movie this is from.

5. Blindscape Theme – Gavin Brown

I’ll openly admit that I did not expect this song to be in my Top 10 for the year. But as I listened to it again, I remember the long drafting sessions for CONDUIT earlier in the year that were driven by this beat.

A song best used, in my opinion, when drafting long journeys, definitely check it out.

6. Old Story – Jizue

I love this song so much. It’s one of my favorite tracks in general, from an altogether INCREDIBLE album (aptly named Story).

If you haven’t checked this group out, please do. They are superb. You can find my raving about them in other music posts on this blog or on Twitter.

7. Believe in the Kingdom – King Arthur

Here’s another one I’ve spoken about a lot in the past. Beautiful. Thoughtful. Inspiring. Give this track a shot if you want music to mirror the deep thinking of a protagonist, or the soul-searching of an antihero.

Trust me.

8. Final Blast – Zabutom

Seemingly out of place in this list, “Final Blast” is chiptune: a type of music I often enjoy, but rarely while writing. That said, the upbeat excitement this song brings to life whenever I put it on have helped me through some challenging bits of writer’s block. Not to mention plain old fatigue.

9. Stuck in Dreams – Nightcall

If you couldn’t tell from the header, my Twitter handle, or the name of my second novel: I like dreams. This song really reflects that second novel to me, though I didn’t find it until well after I’d completed that work. Nonetheless, the fusion of piano with electronic instrumentation creates a song that inspires creativity as effectively as driving you forward in the process.

10. Robeast – Dance With the Dead

This song is fun. Period. End-stop. Put it on and rock out to it. Air drum to it. Dance (With the Dead) to it.

Or write to it. That would be good, too.


That’s all for today, friends, but know that you can always catch me on Twitter making observations, cracking puns, and trying to support my fellow writers. Feel free to throw me a follow and let me know what your top writing songs are for 2017!

See you soon:

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