So… We Had a Kid

It’s been a while! Too long a while, really. Too, too long a while if I’m being really honest but I have an excellent reason for that and it’s in the post title up there.

We had a kid!

A little girl to be specific, and she’s incredible. But along with all her brilliant, beautiful, adorableness (trust me, that’s a word), came a really huge problem: time. Turns out that wonderful little kids eat up a TON of time; both the time they demand because they truly need it and the time you give them with joy because they’re incredible and being with them is like holding happiness.

Except when they make a huge poop. Then it’s like holding, well, a huge poop AND happiness. Which isn’t quite as good.

Naturally, I couldn’t give up time with the kiddo or her mommy. And I couldn’t give up time writing my books–though I did actually have to start sleeping less and writing in the middle of the night just to get any writing done at all, but that’s a story for a post about my new book :)–so I gave up posting here and doing much on social media in general.

I do really want to have more posts written here in the future. It’s a goal I intend to hit. But not at the expense of my family or the stories I love writing more than anything.

So this post is to tell you that I’ve been gone… but I’m coming back! But only in the form of weird, happy, little posts from time to time as I have something to say or something I think is fun to share.

First on that list HAS to be the story of how I wrote this new book. I say new, but I’ve been working on it for quite a while (see the whole “middle of the night” business mentioned above). It’s finished, beautiful, and… OUT ON SUB!

Here’s to the next stage of the adventure, my friends.

See you soon!

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