Introductions May Be In Order

Hi! My name is Christopher Roubiquethough you probably already knew that if you wound up here. Like the header says, I’m an author of fantasy works, ranging from high fantasy to urban dream fantasy, as well as science fiction, ranging from dystopian to epic. The simplest way to describe it is that I love creating worlds, developing characters, and then setting them loose to see what trouble they will get into or out of. If those sorts of stories intrigue you already or if you would like to learn whether they do, I encourage you to poke around at the content of this website and at my other outlets linked below.

You can learn more about my different worksboth in progress and completeon the other pages of this site. Just click the hamburger button in the upper left for the menu. I’m always working on new material, so it’s worth checking back often to see if anything shiny has leapt onto the page. If you aren’t seeing anything at the moment, I’m probably in the middle of updating those pages!

More than what I’m writing for novels, epics, or whatever other literary format strikes me, I also do writing just for this website. I’ll be regularly updating this site with short posts on a variety of topics like world building tips, writing advice, video game thoughts and reviews, random observations, and more. So feel free to stop by for that as often as you like.

Above and beyond anything else, my hope is that what you read here or on the associated pages excites, inspires, teases, bolsters, or buoys you. This is my house of creation, and you are always welcome at the table.

To stay up to date you can find me here:
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