Kingdom Come? (A Poem)

One of the things that really concerns me regarding the growing divide between Americans (politically, ideologically, etc.) is the concept of “anything’s fair if we win” or “the ends justify the means.” From those sentiments comes a neverending spiral that drags everyone down. What does Batman become when he kills wantonly in order to “stop” evil? If Superman uses his powers to impose his will over us all, has he become a villain even though he’s technically made us safe?

Long story short, the high road requires a lot of dedication, and any time we see good people begin to turn away from that path, we should ALL be concerned. The world needs more goodness, not less. More people willing to stand up and fight for the unheard, the forgotten. More hearts that love everyone and care for all. If we relinquish our faith and love in the cause of victory, then we have won nothing. And lost it all.


Kingdom Come?

At what point do we challenge
every beckoning grin of madness
stretched across the faces of those
meant to save us from within?
When did hate set in?
God save me for I have sinned;
I thought that we were better,
that this mood would fade like weather,
but I see we’ve come together
to be the same:
in hate we reign.
Just “them” and “us” remain.
And God, I want to know peace,
but I fear that all I believe
has been used for awful gains:
what did we hope to attain?
Because I fear that from our once good intentions,
as loathing feeds our shame,
we will burn the path to restoration
and in hate, will reign.

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